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Them there be bombs....

What a day! Today I got to experience something new. The police showed up at my office and told me that a bomb threat had been received for a bomb supossed to detonate at 12 PM today. So I had to call the new Boss Lady, tell her, and try to figure out what to do with this information. In the end, it was decided that I would type up a letter to put on the doors of any residents I could not reach in person, and to go door to door letting everyone know what was going on. Here was my script, "Hi, I wanted to let you know that police informed us a few minutes ago that a bomb threat was called in for this area for 12:00. I wanted to let you know so that you could evacuate if you wanted to. Now, usually, these are hoaxes, but you can never be too sure. As for me, I'm leaving the area, I'd advise you to do the same." Kind of short and sweet, but to the point and covering all the bases. My memo to the ones not there read "Memo to all residents: The Glasgow Police Department notified us at 10:00 AM this morning, that a bomb threat was called in at the Housing Authority for "Park Ave Apartments at 12:00 PM today." This notice is to let you be aware and allow you the information so that you may make the decision as to evacuate or stay during that time. All emergency personnel have been notified and made ready in the case it actually occurs. Yet, the Police have assured us that in many cases, nothing actually happens. Please be safe. Sincerely, Me" *head desk* crazy shit. So I was in constant contact with Boss Lady who advised us to take lunch and be nearby in case of explosion so that we could start emergency proceedures. Insanity.

The craziest part was when I was leaving to evacuate about 20 mins till 12 PM. My car battery was dead. So of course I'm like, "nooooooooooooo! I'm gonna blow up!" but I got the maintenance man to give me a battery jump. So, I raced away thinking of fantastic movie explosions, where my car pulls out, explosions behind, with the back of the car lifting up. Thankfully, that did not happen. I tried to save everyone I could though. I called the electric company and told them to keep all workers away, called my contract venders working and told them to exit, called the new move in who was on their way to unload boxes, called the post office and tried to get ahold of the postman. I tell ya...it was on. I have adrenaline still rushing.....and yet....nothing blew up.

I liked getting the long lunch though....quite nice.
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