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The Return of Ema

*yawn* long day....

watched a lot of movies this weekend, most were my effort to watch all the rest of the Craig Ferguson movies that I haven't watched. Result? Some very good, and some (ok, one) very very bad. The good? I'll Be There and Born Romantic. I'll Be There was delightful, cute, sweet, and sugary. Born Romantic was a nice portrayal of the twisted romances in one tiny area. Born exhibited underwear, cute dancing Craig. (And what is it with him and underwear clad booty dances? I'll be There had me in the floor, although not as much as his one in the LLS and The Big Tease) and the glory of Craig singing in both films, although I got hot and bothered over his rendition of "L.O.V.E." mmmmmmm. The very very very bad movie of Craig's that I watched this weekend was "Modern Vampires". I swear, that movie sucked so badly. The dialogue was crap, the acting was crap, and Craig's pathetic English accent while lisping through vampire teeth was crap. I did almost fall off the bed though in the club scene when Craig attacked all the naked prisoners and killed them. Those scenes made me want to title the film "Gratuitous Boobies with a Side of Vampires". Ridiculous film.

Also went to see Sin City last night. Let me put this delicately. It's an art film. It's not the greatest movie I've ever seen. It's good, but not great. I found some things completely annoying (namely the dialogue construction and genre, which to the film's credit goes with the comic book that I have not read) and some of the prosthetics went too hard for the comic book look. However, many things were absolutely delightful. I enjoyed all the separate stories. I liked the circular plot. Some of the performances were outstanding, and the entire opening sequence was brilliant. My favorite part of the film was surprising even to me. By and large, Elijah Wood stole the movie. His acting blew me away and his performance was so creepy and unsettling. I did not go into the movie expecting to love his performance the best, but I came out lauding his praises. You can not watch that movie and tell me that his smile wasn't creepy. You know what scene I'm talking about...*shiver* I will never ever want to see eyeglasses shine that way ever again. I am happy I saw this on the large screen however, if only to see the art proudly displayed. This movie did everything that Dick Tracy failed to do with the comic look.

In other news, I rode in the car tons this weekend going to many places. As a consequence, I have one sunburned arm. I look lopsided.

Had sex this weekend two times, woot!

caught up on the journal on Friday I think, but am behind again on all you guys. I do hear that Crystal finally made wallpapers of those absolutely dream come true manips of Billy *drooool* hummanah hummanah. Didn't get to hear how Pammy did after her dental appointment other than having to take antibiotics :(. Sounded like some ouchy. Read with pride that Allie got her wallpaper down *woot* (score one for the little people!)

Thank God my Catherine is home *huggles her to death*. I always forget how much I depend on her daily, even if only to hear her voice or to have her make me laugh. It's times when she's traveling that I realize how her sister must feel not having her close. If only would could shrink the eastern states so that we were only miles apart. That would be no problem for the rest of you guys in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia right? You wouldn't care if we just disintegrated you into nothing, right? So what if that makes Asheville disappear, I'd move Anngee out of the way before I did it.

Speaking of Anngee, she wrote to me this weekend and told me that she is finally graduating from PostSecondary school after 11-12 years in college. lol. I love Anngee, but she's been in school, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. But at least she's finally through, and all that time means that she finally knows what she wants to do, which is also good. In part, I completely envy her. I would have loved to have got the chance to be a career student. Life would be so much more interesting in some ways.

*sigh* it's 3 mins till 5, and I've finished yet another very productive day at work. It's so weird to be working this hard lately. It's weird, but it's good. I just hope it pays off for me.

anyhoo, that's all. Back to the rat race, and off to find myself something for dinner. *kisses to you all*
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