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I rocketh!

Finally I have the Gallery open on Cheeky Wee Monkeys. I thought I'd never get it done. Granted, I still need to make a Craig Theme for the page, but I'll work on that later when I have a moment of peace.

Coming up on the site (that I still have to do) are screencaps for all Craig's movies, and videos of particular funny bits on the LLS. Anyone experienced in screencaping want to tell me what program they use?


In a separate topic, what is it with Craig and his underwear butt dancing? It shows up in so much of his work (LLS, Big Tease, I'll Be There). Not that I don't appreciate it, but he seems to have a fetish :). And if you haven't seen it, you must run out and get a copy of I'll Be There. We get a lovely shot of Mr. Ferguson's bare arse. He's the cheeky wee monkey, it appears.


Took off the rest of the afternoon, something I may regret on Monday, but it was either that or murder someone.


Trying to get out of my pissy mood, going to go work on VoidIndustries.com a little more. I haven't published that one yet because I'm still kind of iffy about the current style.
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