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Step away from the metaquotes!

that's it, I'm a metaquote addict. I find myself composing crazy entries in my head with the thought, "Hey I could get metaquoted!" Course I don't write most of those, and the insane real shit I write is never metaquoted (thankfully on some of them). And some of the crap that is metaquoted now? I swear if I read one more entry about someone's slightly amusing fanfiction reaction I'll just....I dunno...read the next one?...Althought I must say, getting a little jealous of the fabulous tamnonlinear, who is metaquoted to ad nauseum....although, I do so love her entries and find myself quite happy when she writes a new one...I'm turning into a fandom of one over all my LJ buddies, who though are not famous should fucking be. I love my flist!

In other news, the a/c is like the artic in my office and my nipples are trying to decide if concavity is a new fad.
Tags: flist love, funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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