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Blah blah, I'm a zombie

today is "be drowsy because you're doped up on cold medicine day", and to make a long story short, I have and I am.

been only vaguely annoyed by the day, but majorly annoyed by certain work conditions that shall remain anonymous for the moment. This job is hard, and once the higher ups in this company realize that, the easier it will be. Not that any job is easy (although I can pick off quite a few that are), it's just that this job is perceived to be easy when it in fact requires an entire life's devotion, one that I sadly do not carry. I'd prefer to be boxed away in a cubicle somewhere.


I saw only a few DLA posts, and am going to have to go searching for more, especially since I now know that the fabulously sexy cute Greg Grunberg was there. I can't believe I missed that. And for the record, speakerwiggin's wife is freaking gorgeous! He's one lucky bastard :) (said in love, man. said in love)


I really don't have much to dicker about today. Day has been spent in a zombie haze with some smiles thrown in. I think that even when Ms. seekingautumn and Mr. theshadowwolf were in the office I had, most likely, a pretty dead pan zoned out look in my face. Well, that is with the exception of them talking about all the delicious baked goods they have socked away at home (mmmmm, banana-nut bread).


Jason just called saying that work was called off again for tonight. I'm starting to wonder if the move to this new job was such a great idea. Yeah, it's more money, but if they call you off each night, what good is that?
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