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*wipes up drool* I'm totally in love with www.onlinebags.com , thanks to wisteria_. Is there anything better than a new bag? (Susan doesn't think so) And of course I'm on the eternal search for the perfect leather attache, always have been. Haven't discovered it yet, but I've come damn close a few times.

Today is insane mentally. I'm doing pretty well at work so far, but I have to write up shitloads of apartment violations following the extermination today. One in particular is going to be strange. I have to write a tenant a lease violation, telling him to remove the 12 dead catfish that he has floating in a tub full of water. Yes, you heard me, 12 DEAD catfish. *head smack* What are these people thinking?

I need to make up a plan of action for my meeting with the maintanence man this afternoon. I decided that bitching isn't just going to do it. I'm going to have to have it out with him over proper work behavior and his job performance. I need to address budget (which he has managed to blow in just one month), vacancies, work orders, and daily activities. There WILL be change damn it!

Guess I'll go off to do that.
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, work

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