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Agendas are the thing

First of all, may I say that I rock as an organizer and manager? I just prepared, in outline style, 2 1/2 typed pages of the agenda for my meeting with the maintanence man this afternoon. I am giving him a copy of that, a copy of the budget, and a copy of the budget variance report. This will be some meeting. I discovered as I was preparing the agenda, how many little things are annoying me about his work and how all that DOES add up to a whole lot of stress. I feel that this meeting will at least put it all out on the table and let him know what I expect as a manager and coworker. I fully expect to hear some whining and bitching from him, but to be honest, the things that I'm asking from him are no different than that which I asked of the last maintenance man. It's just that there is so much difference in the two of them, and frankly, I don't believe that this one ever was fully trained. So we will call this a "restructuring" ;), right seekingautumn?

Second, our feral cat has decided to give birth again in the maintanence area. It was raining today and we could hear the poor little things just bawling out there. Poor momma has them out there drowning in the soup. Hope they are ok...quite cute, although I could not get an accurate count of them yet in all their chaos. I love that she has them in our safe place. Makes me really happy.

Can't wait till this meeting, having it right after lunch. This will be productive.
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