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meeting well...dizzy sucks...anyone have any brownies?

brownies? anyone?


Meeting with maintenance went well. He was somewhat pissed off about it, but admitted that it's stuff he should be doing anyway. Took over an hour to complete it with him. I was most professional though and kept with the agenda. He was distracted even with that. I swear, he can not be kept to task. He always wants to go on in this little tangent blabbing about the same things over and over. I just kept interrupting him and bringing his attention back to the point. It's the only way.

It has rained and rained and rained today. Getting quite tired of it, actually.

feeling really dizzy again. I don't know if it's glasses, posture, sinuses, or food that's causing it, but I'm damn tired of being so fucking dizzy! It's insane.

anyhoo...enough wasted time ema, it's time for Susan to actually do some more work!
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