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Lj: The best of the rest.

hmmm...glasses have been off for 20 mins or so, and the dizzyness has passed, until I try to get up and walk anywhere that is, in which case I get a new dizzyness because I can't quite see. But at least I have diagnosed the problem.

I've been thinking lately about somethings, one of which concerns my journal. I'm noticing that people like to go on a lot of holier than thou rants about various subjects, just trying to "educate the masses". Those kind of posts generally leaving me feeling all "meh"...So in light of my own annoyance at those posts, I'm going to do my part to keep my own journal free of long ranty rants about people. Are they even doing any good? I think not. Do they piss off people? Yes, of course. So I'm going to try to stay away from them.

And now my contributions to unofficial LJ slogans:

Lj: The only place where I feel loved
Lj: Now I can bitch with the rest of you
Lj: There's no place like home
Lj: Where the snark flies, but you are still friends
Lj: Want to see some pron?
Lj: Watch your back.
Lj: Selflessly promoting insanity one journal at a time.
Lj: Home of the squee heard round the world

Time to go home! *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*
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