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Hello fruit loop!

ok...uhm...is it possible that I may be crazier than I thought? I mean, could it be possible that I have some sort of psychosis where I hear voices? I don't even know how to explain this, other than to just tell you and let you help me.

The other night (2? 3? days ago maybe) I was working on the computer and had my earphones on listening to some rocking good tunes. I had the headset volume set maybe 75% of maximum, and I was alone in the house, locked in and all with the cats. The song got to a point of just instrumental when all of a sudden I hear some male voice talking inside the house. It was loud enough that I heard the voice clearly over the music, but not clearly enough to figure out what it said. Well, I jerked the headphones off my head and listened. When I didn't hear anything, I got up to check the kitchen door but no one was there. No one was outside, no one was inside (I investigated even), all the tvs were off, the music had no words at that point. Well I got a little scitish at that point and left off the headset. Now, I know that my apartment is haunted, but I have never ever heard a ghost before. I've seen them, I've felt them, but I've never heard one.

I didn't know what to think, so I told my fiance about it and he assures me that you can hear ghosts and that's probably all I heard. It makes sense in a way, but I'm telling you that was like a loud, stern, male voice. I don't know what ghosts sound like, but I don't think this sounded like a ghost.

My point? Well, I am at work. It's day time. I just heard the voice again. As far as I can tell, it's the same voice. And now I'm kind of...uhm...curious as to why I'm hearing voices. Now there are plenty of people around, it's highly possible that someone said something outside, but this came out pretty loud.

*twidles thumbs and looks around her*

Can ghosts follow you to work? Is this ghost stalking me? Or am I just insane?
Poll #483206 Vote now or forever keep your peace....

You tell me, I am.....

hearing a ghost, sneaky bastard
totally wacko
hearing two ghosts, omg run!
a tomato. right pammy?
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