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Can I redeclare this day as something else?

hmmm, mayhap I didn't need to work that hard all week. It appears that other than running off movein paperwork tomorrow and double checking to insure that all new applications have been entered, I may be done. What's that mean? Well, normally if I had nothing to do and I had accrued some PTO, that would mean that Susan would be going home early. Unfortunately, no PTO to speak of (I mean really, how much good is 4 hours? That's nothing). So, guess I'll be wasting some hard core time later this afternoon unless I can find stuff to keep myself busy with. I guess I could go ahead and finish all the reports for end of the month. That would be the smart thing to do.

Looking forward to next week when the maintenance man will be on vacation all week. Whoop whoop!
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