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Coughing Libertarian Baby

Well the medicine must be doing something because I'm coughing like crazy now. Unfortunately, they aren't productive coughs yet. I do feel much much much better now (see! I'm swallowing without pain!). The fever finally broke last night and I'm no longer feeling menopausal with the hot flashes. There are things to be said for Doctors, even though mine has me get a shot in the ass every time I go to see him. Surprisingly enough, the shot helps, so I continue to subject my ass to the jabbing. Enough use of ass now.

Speaking of ass, Bill Maher was on Craig Ferguson last night and I totally felt like pummeling him on the head about twenty times. He's such a pompous bastard, really and truly. I used to stick up for him and say that he was just playing "devil's advocate" on his show, that there's no way a Libertarian actually felt that way. But he is and he does! He made a comment last night that made me want to punch him in the face. He said, "Women want someone to talk to. Men just want someone to shut up." My mouth flew open. What???!!! That statement is just a short step away from him saying that women need to be kept in line by their husbands smacking on them every day. What a bastard. It's no wonder that he's a "confirmed bachelor". It also continually bothered me that he kept saying "foreigner" and tried to make them the problem in America. Like Craig said, it's foreigners that made America and it is foreigners that will continue to shape America. Personally, I wish that more European progressive thinkers would get their asses over here. Maybe things would change and the Bill Mahers of the nation would have to shut the hell up. That's right, I said it. *grumble grumble*

Now for the good news! I found out yesterday that one of my cousins just had his first baby on April 28. Little Owen is beautiful! Welcome to the world little buddy. Isn't he cute?! I want to hear some "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaws" out there people. he's got the perfect little head :). And he looks so much like his daddy, it isn't even funny. *covers in kisses*

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