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Craig is dreamy

Egads I had a lovely dream last night. I dreamed I was back in college and the Craig Ferguson was one of my professors. I can't remember what the class was, I vaguely remember it being something to do with geography. I was not doing so well in that class, I was making a C, and all because I had trouble paying attention because I was too busy oogling Professor Ferguson *dreamy sigh*. Apparently I wasn't the only female student having that problem. Craig would fill his classes talking about his son Milo and about his recent divorce. He was always very funny, and cute.

So one day after class, after getting back a failing grade on a quiz, I went up to the professor and was asking him why he was scoring me so low. I mean, I was always an A student, what's up? So we were talking and walking together across campus to his office and this totally pushy girl forced her way into our conversation. When I said I was having a hard time in the class she would say, "Oh yeah, I'm totally having a hard time as well. I might have to get some private tutoring from you Professor *giggle*" With her, everything turned to innuendo. Craig kept looking over at me and making faces, I was doing everything I could to not laugh. It was really starting to piss me off though, because she was saying all the things that I was thinking. We got to Craig's office, and it was packed with students, mostly female. I got shoved to the back of the line, while pushy girl kept gushing to him. I spent some time looking at his office door. It was covered in these funny quotes, I started to write a few down to remember later, but soon gave that up as people kept shoving me. A few minutes later, she comes pushing out of the throng holding a piece of paper. She smiled at me and came right over. "I got his phone number, want it?" I couldn't believe it! She got Craig to give her his phone number! So I, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, quickly copied down the number. Thankful for once that pushy girl was around. Then, seeing as there were so many other students there, I just slipped away and went home.

The dream then seemed to fast forward in time a little, maybe by only a couple of hours. I was at my apartment, which I apparently lived at alone with my cats, and I was making dinner. I heard a knock on my door and go to answer it and there was Craig, looking all sad. I invited him in after my initial shock of "Professor Ferguson! What are you doing here?". He came in saying that he just needed to talk to someone that he was having a really rough day with the exwife and dealing with it all. Then, for some strange reason, Karen Walker (yes from Will and Grace) comes out of one of my back rooms and starts talking to Craig. Apparently, she's my assistant (assistant for what, I'll never know) and she starts doing that baby voice asking Craig for the alcohol he promised her. I kept telling her to leave him alone that he didn't drink and she didn't need to bring that stuff around, but in the end he handed Karen some vodka and she went away. I sat down next to him, and held his hand in mine, and we started talking. I leaned forward to give him a kiss, and......I fucking woke up. It was a nice dream...too bad I woke up. Stupid work.
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