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Not gonna complain

I'm not going to complain, I'm not going to complain, I'm not going to complain. God help me....

Points of interest, should you decide that today is a good day to yell at Susan:
1) There is not enough time in the world for me to have made up my sleep deficit.
2) Two venders have quit working for my apartments due to nonpayment
3) My accountant and my boss are off for a two week vacation.
4) Not enough work was done on the vacancies while I was gone to insure that I could do move ins
5) Rather than answering a simple question of "When were these mailed", my fellow coworkers played a rousing game of "pass the buck" so that blame was put on me and the question was never answered
6) Jason, my fiance, is in the hospital having surgery on kidney stones
7) My maintenance is screaming and whining
8) There is a pile a foot and a half high of undone work
9) Residents are trying to kill me
10) I am very hungry

in other news, being a dominant, rather than a submissive, is a lot of fun for both girls and boys. Muhahahahah, oh yeah, I got some and I got it exactly as I ordered it. Woot!
Tags: random thoughts, rant, work
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