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Dreams and anniversaries...

I slept until one thirty today and I dreamed the entire time. I can't completely remember any of the dreams, but I do know that they were all sort of dream fulfilling plus anxiety dreams. They are like vague shadows in my mind, foggy green wisps of dreams. I know that Craig was in one, and one about credit, but that's about it.

a delayed happy anniversary to seekingautumn and theshadowwolf. One year ago yesterday, my two dear and bestest friends married in the courthouse, I as a witness. It was beautiful and sweet, I remember being completely blown away at their happiness and perfection. Like any bride, seekingautumn simply glowed and theshadowwolf kind of puffed up. They appeared to me as a content and in love couple. Five minutes after the wedding, I flubbed up their last name *honk* and felt like a fool. We followed with lunch at the local Tumbleweed. It's sad that I still remember that they had a mushroom quesadilla for an appetizer. At the time it was like the most beautiful thing to me...now it makes me feel that I must have been just extremely happy and overwhelmed in order to find anything at Tumbleweed beautiful :). But it was like facing hope. Hope that beautiful, calm relationships can occur with people that truly loved each other. I found it so awesome, and couldn't have wished it on better people.

In preparation to their anniversary. I set my mind to finding some way to express that feeling to them, and give them a really special gift. I found three things that just spoke to me about their wedding day.

The first, I soon abandoned, although there's no telling whether it shall make an entrance into future anniversaries. I've always had a real pull with the lists of "traditional" anniversary gifts. I'd have a new date book, and there would be a list of traditional and modern equivalents of wedding gifts and I'd begin to do that girlhood dream about being married. As an adult. I have secretly longed to be married, as I already know how I wish to celebrate our anniversaries. I want to give my husband a traditional gift each year following that list and I long for a friend to give me something off of the modern equivalents. It's just says something to my romantic heart. So I thought, I could do the same for my friends. I began the search. I googled and found the lists. First anniversary, traditional is paper, modern is a clock. I love the traditional one is this case, and longed for a beautiful way to say "I love you guys" with paper. Ideas that ran through my mind? Origami, a painting, a book, hell even just reams of beautiful handmade paper (giving them a tabula rasa, if you will). However, my paper idea made me sad once I gleaned upon the other two possibilities.

In my perusing through catalogs around Christmas, I found two plaques that gave that hope and combined the traditional idea of paper in such a perfect one that I couldn't stand it. One was my dream to give to the two, and was a beautiful delicate plaque with the Apache Wedding Prayer. It was a light blue frame, with these simple blue leaves. Beautifully rendered was the blessing:

"Now you will feel no rain,
for each of you will be shelter to the other.
Now you will feel no cold,
for each of you will be warmth to the other.
Now there is no loneliness for you,
for each of you will be the companion to the other.
Now you are two persons.
but there is one life before you.
Go now to your dwelling place,
to enter into the days of your togetherness.
And may your days be good and long upon the earth."

I longed to give them that, but the place I was going to order it through had discontinued the item. Bummer. So I moved on to the second plaque.

The second still met all the acquirements and was so beautiful in its own right. The frame was still wood and speckled, the picture a nice leaf and daisy, very light and pretty. Included was a wedding poem, personalized with their names on the bottom and the wedding date. The poem says:

"As the days go by
Each of us
Slowly gives away
Little pieces of who we are...
We give of ourselves
To family
To friends
To people we
Don't even know...
But always inside...
We keep a special little piece
Until one day,
in one given moment,
We know to whom it belongs
And in giving this piece of ourselves
We are now complete."

*sniff*...So it is that that I give to you two, as late as it may come to you through shipping. That is what I wanted to give back to you on your special day.
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