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I don't want to go!

I am so wiped out right now. I feel quite zombie-esque just staring at the computer. Not sure why this is...


just read an entry by someone I adore asking anyone who has them friended who uses illegal drugs to de-friend her. Now I'm not some huge user, but have been known to imbibe in some pot every now and again, like maybe a few times a year. It makes me sad that she requests that. I guess that's why I found myself defriend quite awhile back. I so miss her though....she was one of the brightest, most special people....I suppose I should do what she asks, god knows this is the first entry of hers that has been public in such a long time anyway. I love you Jen! I shall miss you dearly *sigh*.


so...still writing on my story. Not that very many in LJ would be interested in a Craig Ferguson story anyway, but as long as he keeps poking me to finish writing it, I'll keep knocking out a page or two a night. I got another page and a half into it last night before I gave up. I had already fought with the webpage for too long last night (which incidentally is still messed up on the opening page, but what's my motto? That's right, "Fuck it")....

alright, gonna get the hell off this thing now...else I yawn myself into early retirement.
Tags: craig, stuff to avoid, writing
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