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How do I love thee computer? Let me count the ways...

well, it's another beautiful day in the neighborhood. don't you just love computers? and networks, don't networks just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Gosh, I know they do it for me. For example, right now I am staring at a beautiful shot of a resident maintenance screen that has those two words on it that just make me melt "Not responding". *squee* Even better, because it's network, I'm unable to close it in any way. That sexy beasty has even foreseen my attempts to clear it by closing out of the network and logging back in. I love it when my machines anticipate all my womanly needs and desires. *happy sigh*


in other news, I hear that this weekend shall be a whirlwind of activity, hopefully including at least one days visit to the Glasgow Highland Games *crosses fingers, please please please* I feel it's very sad that I've lived here since 2002 and have yet to make it to the Games. I'm dying to see all the Scottish people in their kilts *mmmm...kilts drooooooooooooooool*. Plus, how sweet it would be to get to see those manly men throwing cabers and such. Yummy.

Yesterday's lunch program I had to increase total number of lunches to 55, and that seemed to do the trick. Let's hope that holds out today as well. And seekingautumn's excellent idea of preparing all the lunches at once and making the kids line up one at a time made the whole process work out dreamily. I didn't even feel like some giant kid monster had devoured me. That's always lovely.

well, back to smiling lovingly at the computer screen, it's so dreamy.
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