looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
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From LJ site news
"Now, to kick off the summer properly, we're starting with a 24 hour permanent account sale. A permanent account is the ultimate prize for a LiveJournal addict, comes with 50 user pictures and all of the current paid features, and has the added convenience in never having to pay for your account again. Considering that we've added a lot of features since our last permanent account sale two years ago, we've bumped the price up to a fair $150 USD. The sale starts Tuesday, June 7th (midnight EST) and will last until Wednesday, June 8th (midnight EST). Graduation gift anyone?"

How about beautiful mental health present for Susan?

"Update: In light of all of the feedback regarding the permanent account sale, we will be raising the user picture limit to 100 for all permanent accounts."

I'm drooling right now thinking of all the beautiful Craig, Billy, and Lost icons I could slather my journal with *droooooooooooooooool* Besides that, how much happier would I be with a PERMANENT account? *weighs options: having to pay for LJ every year? or running along in gentle bliss permanently?* Is there really a choice?
Tags: random thoughts

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