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Okay, I just finished reading The Wolves of Calla Book 5 of the Gunslinger series of Mr. Stephen King's and I'm disturbed and pissed about two things. A) He wrote that a Harry Potter Sneetch killed a boy by exploding him (whoa, bitter Stephen or do you just not dig Ms. Rowling's work?)
B) He wrote himself into his own damn book! talking about 'Salem Lot and Stephen King....What the hell? That's gall. Course, I'm not quite sure where this reference will lead in the next book. Could be that in a year or two I'll be eating my words and calling him genious again...but for right now, I'm all "What?!?!"

However, I would like to notate that I believe this newest book to be the best one since the original Gunslinger in the series, and that it totally makes up for the ka-tet not moving more than a few feet closer to their quest in Book 4 Wizards and Glass I loved the cultural allusions in this particular volume, exluding the harry potter one :) lol.

My second question is to everyone, why the hell have people started calling erotic fiction "slash"? That makes no sense to me. I hear "slash" and I'm thinking snuff films, and violent horror, but definitely not eroticism.....someone know the answer?
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