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because she tagged me...

I'm being forced to do this by tappanga but that's ok, because I want to share it with you all anyway...and because I'm nice, you will get links too ;)

List your current 6 favorite songs, and then pick six others to do the same. (in no particular order)

1. Green Day & Oasis : Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Wonderwall ysendit
Can't explain why I'm loving this song so much, except that it just morphs together very beautifully. Besides which, "Wonderwall" brings me back to my first years in college, which were full of the usual crazy times and discovery of self. Wonderwall hit me at one of those turbulent times like a possibility. It still makes me smile. I guess you could say that the combination of those two tunes sums up my life at the moment, I'm still trying to cling to those good days of awe but am faced with my own "boulevard". *sigh* suddenly, I'm not liking that song too much ;).

2. Craig Ferguson: L.O.V.E. (fr/ Born Romantic soundtrack) ysendit
Well, I need not say much, I am obsessed with the man and this particular scene in Born Romantic would have made me melt anyway. I have always loved this song, and Craig crooning it just makes it better. He's so cute :)

3. David Usher: St. Lawrence River ysendit
My friend, Chris, sent me this song almost a year ago and I have been hooked on David ever since. This song is so beautiful and peaceful to me, as if I was curled up on a bench beside the river myself. Some people find the beach as their favorite place of solace, but I've always been drawn to the mountains and rivers. I would sit as a child beside a creek bed or river and just watch the movement of the water over obstructions, rocks, sides of boats. If I could live on a houseboat and still enjoy all the luxuries of land living, I believe that I would. The song speaks of letting go of people, being your own worst enemy, and moving on, all of which are central themes to my existance. Others might find it depressing, but for me the song speaks of hope.

4. Josh Groban: Let Me Fall ysendit
This was the first Groban song I ever heard, and it floored me. I've always been a fan of opera and classical (secretly having a huge thing for tenors when I was younger) and this song fit the bill while also being tearfully poignant. I tried to throw this song on several of my friends, to little success (:P Chris, you dork). This song speaks to that part of me that is dying to go out there and make my big dreams happen. It makes me want to lose all of my daily responsibilities and restrictions and just wing it. Just try and listen to this song and not feel it. It makes you feel like a caged bird slowly pecking at your traps. And one day, damn it, I will be free and I shall take those first faltering steps towards all that I can be. (army commercial? I think not)

5. Steve Burns: What I Do On Saturday ysendit
Okay, who here remembers Blues Clues with Steve of the green shirt? Hands up high please. uh huh....bet you didn't know that I was/am freaking in love with Steve Burns. I used to get high in college, park myself in front of the tv and talk back to Steve watching Blues Clues (aw, there's a pretty picture). So I've been following Steve for quite some time, and the second I heard he'd put out an indie album (with the help of members of Flaming Lips), I just had to have it. This is one of the best songs on that album, and I'm now sharing it for your pleasure. Look up his other stuff, I tell you, it's so good. Anywho, I like this song mainly because it makes me feel devilish. How I love to be able to say, "I'll never tell you what I do on Saturday" and actually have something lovely and mischievish that I'm hiding :). Would be lovely.

6. Simon and Garfunkle: America ysendit
I grew up with Simon and Garfunkle playing on the radio, playing on the record player, playing on the guitar. There's nothing that can bring me back to a small hippie child than that duo. This song wasn't one of my favorites as a child, but has recently been stuck in my head and on repeat on my iPod. It is another song about travel and experience, something I'm longing for as of late. I've always had wanderlust, and having been a few years since I've gotten to take a pleasure cruise anywhere, I am simply wasting away. I spend most of my time imagining vacations that I want to take and going through travel books marking places to visit. Soon, I say, I shall again partake of the glorious time of travel. This song also makes me smile thinking of all the Greyhound trips I took in college, most of them solo. You can meet the strangest people and find yourself doing the strangest things on long Greyhound trips. One in particular I remember all too well of coming back on the bus from California. It was a three day bus ride, and you get to know the people who are stuck on that smelly hot torpedo with you. I remember being bugged for about four hours by this guy behind me who kept reaching over and flipping my hair. Wouldn't you know it that 10 hours later, we're making out under a blanket :D. I wonder what happened to Mark? He was this sweet guy who claimed to do drag in D.C. Maybe Pammy will run into him ;). Anyway, that's another story for another day....this song reminds me of all those experiences. Anyway who's ever travelled by bus through our land can relate to this song of longing and adventure (or lack there of).

well that's it...a small little peek into my musical psyche.
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