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Just checking in (weekend update)

Thought I'd check in since I was so silent this weekend. Weekends are such a lovely respite for me, usually getting to spend most of a day by myself working on projects and doing some house cleaning. I feel such freedom to do what I want at home and so little freedom anywhere else. I did so little housework this weekend, which means I'll really need to pick up the slack this week. Perhaps I'll clean the bathroom tomorrow, pick up on the living room today, work on the kitchen Wednesday. I just haven't felt up to that kind of stuff. I did go grocery shopping, dragging poor seekingautumn with me. If I could learn to not fill in the silences with my incessant chatter, she may actually have a better time with me. It's so strange, there are only a few people that I chatter at, most everyone else I'm pretty quiet around. But those I chatter at? Boy do I chatter. Anywho, so I went to the grocery and stocked our food stuffs back up, forcing me to actually cook something yesterday. It felt good to cook again though. I wish I had the discipline to cook every night. Perhaps if I had children, I would.

I worked on my submissions to various icon contests, and some side photoshop work that I had been delaying. Speaking of icon contests, I actually won one! Woot! Of course it's a small contest without very many submissions, but it made me feel good none-the-less. The contest is a weekly (sometimes biweekly) at myfandomstills. Join, make icons, have fun! I won with this one:

and got Mod Choice/Best Cut with this one:

The second one is from a Quantum Leap screencap, so I lovingly call that one "quantum feet". *giggle*

I submitted my three for this week's contest last night, and I really love the treatment I did to two of them, so I'm hoping I have a good chance this week too. I can't seem to be happy with the icons that I try to do for obsessiveicons, so I've yet to submit them. The one time I was going to submit, I forgot and the deadline passed (bummer). Oh well, I'm pretty new to this contest thing, so I'm giving myself a break.

I did a little reading this weekend, starting a new book "The Secret Life of Bees". I heard good things about the book, so I'm hoping that I enjoy it. Saw a few movies, Spitfire Grill (pretty good) and The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (which was meh, but I realized I'd seen most of it before anyway). I keep waiting for Boogeyman but Netflix says there's a "short wait". "Short wait" my ass, I've been waiting three weeks. However, I shouldn't complain too much, it's the first one that I ever had to wait on. I keep meaning to watch The Spivs too, but I've yet to get around to it. Maybe one day.

*sigh* what else......Wrote another page on my Craig fic, but haven't really had a good writing session on that one yet. I need a night when I'm not tired and don't have a huge headache where I can put on some music and pop out another ten pages. Perhaps this week, definitely not today. I'm already headachy and a wee bit dizzy. God bless anemia caused by a weeks worth of bloodloss ;).

That's about it....guess I'll go back to plugging away at the never-ending pile of work on my desk. At least the pile is less noticeable now :D.
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