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Rain....and Aaron

I'd just finished a large part of work on my desk, when nature decided to turn on the rain. It's been coming in the afternoons like clockwork for the last several days. Spending the morning and the first part of the afternoon building up the heat and the humidity, only to pour it all out in one large shower. Today is one of those nice summer rains, where the rain is coming through bright sunshine. My iPod played the strains of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and I was transported back into time to those lovely young summers when I would go run out into the rain and let it soak me clear through my clothes. I always thought there was something quite magical about a summer rain. It had a cleansing power that spring and fall rains didn't have for my soul.

And it felt so sexy, running down my breasts, clinging clothes to the skin. I always imagined that it would be a great seduction ploy, and I found out once when I was 21 that I was right. I was in California, at the first of July. It had been a hot vacation, the Bakersfield sun just cooking the concrete that surrounded us. I was with my Kelly, her boyfriend, and his friend AJ, who I insisted on calling Aaron. I had had my eye on Aaron the entire time that trip, although I made some side trips to Nevin (ASSHOLE!) and David (convenient). But through it all, Aaron was the one that intrigued me. He may have seemed all rough and edgy, but underneath that shallow front was a sensitive intelligent boy. Ah, the kind of boy that you immediately fall for. Aaron had ignored me mostly through the trip, later I found out it was because of those two sidetrips ;), until that night. It was the night before I was going to return back to Kentucky. We had snuck into a park and had played on the equipment. There was a sprinkler on, that kept periodically shooting back and forth. Being the person that I am, I could not resist wandering off from the group and standing in that stream. I let it soak me completely through my little sundress, and being the hippy that I was I had nothing else on. I forgot about the group while under that shower, I threw my head back and laughed watching it make rainbows from the streetlamps. I had been so depressed through a lot of that trip, so depressed that I had not found what I had looked for, including love, but this little reminder of home perked me right up.

I had turned in the middle of it, finding that only one set of eyes was on me. Aaron seemed transfixed, or contemplative, I couldn't tell which. Seeing him look at me, I stepped out of the spray and came towards him. He watched atop his perch on the playground, never saying a word. I asked him what he was doing, and he said softly, "Watching you." I stepped up the stairs to him and he kissed me. Things changed for us at that moment. We spent the rest of the night together. Kelly actually dropped him off at his house, and we didn't want to leave each other, we held hands for awhile not knowing what to say. When Kelly and I got back, he called her house soon after. He and I talked for hours until about 5 or 6 in the morning. He told me to come over to his house, I told him to meet me at the park. And then I did something that I would never think of doing now. I left Kelly's house without telling anyone where I was going, and walked (not really knowing where I was going) to the park to meet Aaron. We met up, we went to his house, and well, we spent one of the most lovely times together that I've had since. He touched my heart and changed me.

I left soon after and I never saw Aaron again. I heard rumours of him for awhile, and then nothing. I knew that I would never meet him again, but having known him that short while was enough.....

I thought these things, and then got up to go play in the rain but mother nature being the cruel mistress had dried up the shower as quickly as it came. Perhaps its better that I not venture in the rain today, it seems thick in memories today anyway.
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