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Sheesh! I just wore myself out with Craig icon making, which you can see at the end of this post if you so care.

I'm determined to watch dancing with the stars tonight. Damn it, just realized it's already on, well fuck it then. lol. I can't believe that Evander Holyfield is still on that show. Just goes to show that sometimes all that matters is that you have a hot dance partner. And daaaaaaaaaaamn is she hot.


It's been a good day today. I told myself it would be, and damn it, it was. Best part of the day? When I left work near 5, I stopped off to get some more cigarrettes. Seeing that the Star Wars M&M display was just about depleted (*sniff sniff* why can't the world just accept that dark chocolate m&m's are sooooooo much better than milk chocolate? Why do you have to take them away chocolate company!!!), I decided to go ahead and buy one last pack of the Sith peanut chocolates. I guess it would be my last goodbye to them. When I get to the counter, the chick says, "Those are two for a dollar, you might as well get another." I thought, why yes! I might as well. So I go back to the display, dig around and find one last pack of the dark chocolate ones (also peanut. Score!). I come back to the counter and tell her I also need a carton of cigs. She pulls them out from beneath the counter and says, "Annnnnnnnd, you get a free lighter for that!" As my lighter was about three lights from being empty, I thought, Two packs of dark chocolate and a free lighter? Double score! And then I went on home in my happy way. I get home to find my electric bill *cringe* but packaged with it was the movie list for the newly opened theatre downtown.

Now there's a story. Ever since I moved down here, the downtown square has been full of beautiful old buildings that NO ONE was doing anything with. One of my favorite little treasures when I moved down here was this dusty used book store there. After a year of being here, he closed down. That was a terrible loss, as it was one of those lovely bookstores where you could wander for hours looking through the hidden rooms of stacks. It literally had rooms full of books that were piled one on top of the other from the floor to the ceiling. There was no order, no sense, just books of all type living happily together. Another lovely store that soon closed after I moved here was a pagan/magic/gaming shop. They had swords, and comics, pagan ingredients, but closed because the young owners spent too much time gaming and too little time with the store being open. But my favorite store front of all was a delapidated old movie theatre built in 1931, with the old time lighted marque on the front. I'd drive by it a couple of times of week just dreaming of a time when it would be open. Soon after, I heard rumour that the city was trying to raise funds to restore and reopen the theatre. Yay! I thought. And now it's happened! Now the community will be treated to community theatre, concerts, and yes, movies. But the best part of the movies? They will not be showing the traditional movie reels that all the modern theatres carry (so no new stuff) but they will be showing classics. Yes that's right! Classic movies in the theatre! So today, I got the listing and whoop am I excited. I am going to get to see "Gone with the Wind", "Dr. Strangelove", "The Thing", "The Wizard of Oz", a National Geographic special on "Australia", Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" (omg omg I fucking love Hitchcock and I get to see him on the big screen!!!!!), and "Army of Darkness" (I shit you not! Is Glasgow prepared for such a cult classic? Stay tuned to see!). Now all we need is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "The Wall" and I'm in seventh heaven. Can you believe it? I'm sooooooooo dying. Picture of my lovely Plaza theatre (which, by the way, I'm so glad that they are actually calling it TheatRE instead of TheatER, which I never use myself)? Why I'm glad you asked....

Isn't she beautiful????

And now, as foretold, more icons of Craig, just because I wanted to....

1. 2. 3. 4.

Video for that hilarious clip of the kiss *giggle* is here.
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