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Third Times a Charm, Part 2

TITLE: The Third Time's A Charm
AUTHOR: emaleythe
PAIRING: Craig Ferguson/OFC
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17 (I mean really, really NC17)
SUMMARY: What comes next, the first time.
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/extreme sexual content
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Sorry this one took so long to get out, but it's much harder to write about sex than it is to imagine it. Not to mention I had to keep taking cold showers. lol.

Part One

Lyn could not believe how she had just acted, like a wanton hussy. What the hell had just come over her? She never did anything like that. Sure she had urges to grab the nearest stranger and just cover them in kisses, but she never actually did it. She walked over to the bed in a daze, and sat staring at the door that separated her and Craig. I wonder what he’s doing. I wonder if he feels as insane as I do. The worst part is, I’d do it again. I could easily walk right back into that room and take him right on that couch. Lyn shuddered again. She couldn’t figure out what was drawing her so strongly. Could it be that he was a star? Or that he seemed like forbidden fruit? Whatever it was, this was not an urge that she needed to entertain. For god’s sake, I’m engaged! What the hell was I thinking?

Lyn fell back onto the bed, covering her face with her hands. She felt exhilaration, longing, and guilt. How could she even look at him again? Would he ever want to talk to her? But hello, you’ll notice he wasn’t quick to pull away. You were the one that stopped it all. I think we’re being just a bit hard on ourselves. It was only a kiss…granted a totally romantic and sexy kiss, but just a kiss none-the-less. Lyn sighed. I’ll just go to sleep and maybe he’ll forget this ever happen…as for me, I never will.

Lyn rolled off the bed, and tread lightly to the bathroom. She ran water to brush her teeth, still running the kiss in her mind, the way he felt against her lips, his arms on her waist pulling her tighter to him. Maybe if I brush really well I can get his taste off my lips.

When she was done, she just stared at herself in the mirror. Lyn wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but she suspected she was looking for some kind of visible change. Even seeing “cheater” blazoned across her forehead wouldn’t surprise her at this point. Hell, she never thought that she’d be making out with an actor in a hotel room why should that be any different. There was not a change or marking, however, except for a blush that spread across her face every time she directed her attention to the man in the other part of the room.

Turning out the light, Lyn stepped out of the bathroom, stopping only to give one more look towards the door separating them. It was then that she noticed the shadow under the door, pacing towards and away. Puzzled, Lyn walked up to the door and opened it a crack as quietly and as slowly as she could. She pressed her head between the wall and the door and peered out. Craig was not sleeping; rather he was standing about three feet away staring right back at her. Lyn felt the blush intensifying.

“Looks like you can’t sleep now either.”

Lyn held onto the door as if a barrier, the sole defense keeping her from going right back to him, “Not really. I’m…embarrassed about how I behaved.”

Craig nodded, “Embarrassed sure, but damn the embarrassment, that was the most unexpected and sexy thing to happen to me in awhile. Did I mention that I’m single?”

Lyn laughed, “No. But too bad I’m not.”

Craig’s face fell, “Oh! But I thought when you…oh, I see.”

Feeling foolish for talking through the door, Lyn opened it more widely and stepped out, “But it’s not like I meant to do that. I mean, I never meant to attack you. I don’t know what happened. Please don’t think badly of me because of that silly lapse in judgement.”

She continued, “I mean, I’m not usually like that. I’m not a cheater, ask anyone. It was just the strangest thing. Oh god, I’m going to hell, aren’t I?”

Craig laughed, “Well I’m not quite sure I believe in hell, but no, I don’t think you’re going to hell.”

Lyn looked up him, feeling so miserable. She brushed at the tears that were welling up at the corners of her eyes and tried to laugh with Craig. All she managed was a small chortle.

Craig tilted his head to the side, making her keep eye contact with him, “You’ll be okay. I mean, just how committed are you? Married?”

Lyn shook her head.


Lyn nodded.

“Oh. Well at least you aren’t married. Why do you think that you kissed me if you are engaged to some other guy?”

Lyn sighed, “I don’t know. I just….I felt I had to do it.”

Craig stepped closer to her, “And what do you feel now?”

Lyn looked down. Craig reached out and gently turned her face back towards him, forcing the eye contact to continue.

“What do you feel, Lyn?”

Lyn could feel herself melting towards him; she could not even stop her mouth from betraying her.

“I feel guilty…”

Craig drew closer, stroking down her arms, speaking even softer, “Is that all?”

Lyn shook her head slowly.

“What else do you feel?”

“I feel like I have to do it again.”

“Do what?” His voice was almost a whisper now.

“Kiss you.”

And that’s all it took, Craig leaned down and covered her mouth. Lyn swayed into his arms, feeling her knees leaving her. Craig held her up, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She felt mad, unable to prevent him from devastating her, and unwilling to not return the favor. He pulled away only long enough to plunge his mouth down her neck, finding in an instant the little hollow on her shoulder that always drove her mad. Lyn moaned helplessly, arching back from his touch, and succeeding only in pressing herself more fully into him. She clutched his shoulders, throwing her head back to allow him more access to her sensitive neck. Craig slid his tongue and mouth slowly up to her jaw line and Lyn wrapped her fingers into his hair. He pulled away to look at her with glazed eyes before leaning down to capture her mouth again.

Lyn opened her mouth in a sigh, well met with Craig’s tongue invading. She sucked on his tongue in a rhythm, simulating her other talents. Craig groaned and pushed against her, causing her to fall back into the wall. He quickly followed her, slipping his hands around her ass and pulling her legs up to wrap around him. Lyn’s head was whirling; she felt nothing but his mouth, his hands, and the heat that was spreading through her. She never wanted to feel anything less.

When Lyn had peeked through that door, Craig had only been seconds away from opening it himself. His passion had not been fired that hot since he had been married. There was definitely something about that woman that was driving him wild, but he could not explain it. Although I always have had a thing for short dark haired women. And that one is particularly spunky. Craig chuckled to himself and ran his hand through his hair. Suddenly he just hadn’t felt much like sleeping any longer. He walked towards the door, and then away. He could not decide whether to go through that door or not; so, he paced. But when that door had opened and he saw her standing there, Craig knew that his decision had been made.

Finding out that she was engaged had broken him for a moment, but only for a moment. Craig knew that he wasn’t a master of the human mind, but he did know that any woman that would kiss another man while she was engaged was either a woman in the wrong relationship or a whore, and he did not believe that Lyn was a whore. And for Craig, any woman that was in a wrong relationship was free to pursue her options. I’ll let her decide, and whatever the decision we will go from there. He had not expected their chemistry to draw them back together so quickly, but here he found himself with Lyn’s legs wrapped around him, pressed into a wall trying his best to take it slow.

Craig pushed up against her and took his cue from Lyn’s moans. He slid his hands down to her ass and pulled her up closer to him. Stepping away from the wall he slowly led them to the bed. He laid her gently down, then stepped away to look at her. Lyn was breathing heavily; hair ruffled already, skirt pushed up to her knees. She lifted her hands to him and he leaned down to give her a passionate kiss but would not submit to lying down with her. When he pulled away, Lyn came up to kneel in front of him. She traced her fingers down his chest, slipping them in at the openings. Lyn began pulling on his buttons, popping each one seductively. Her mouth followed her fingers, pausing only to twirl for a moment in his chest hair. As she got lower to his pants, Craig gently pulled her up to face him.

He shook his head, “No. You first.”

Craig tugged at her blouse, pulling it up over her head. He leaned down and kissed each shoulder, gently sliding down the straps to her bra. Lyn shivered in anticipation. Reaching out to cup her breasts, Craig pushed her back to lie on the bed, and then covered her body with his own. He pushed first one breast, then the second out of the cups of the bra, kneading them carefully. Lyn started to close her eyes at his touch, but Craig reached up to touch her chin and making eye contact with her, smiled and shook his head no. Keeping her eyes to his, he leaned down and took her breast in her mouth. He kept watch the entire time, swirling his tongue around the mound. He sucked and nibbled, Lyn rolled under him. Craig bit down on her and Lyn writhed in pleasure.

“You like that baby? What else do you like?”

“Mmm, whatever you can give. Whatever you give Craig, that’s what I want.”

Any man can tell you that those words were something they always wanted to hear and no man more than Craig wanted to hear them at that moment. He pulled on her skirt, pulling it over her hips and down her legs. He could not think any further than getting them both naked as soon as possible. He was a man of restraint, but not superman after all. Lyn reached up and undid his pants, and Craig stepped out of them. Through kisses and tugs, they pulled off the rest of their clothes and then paused to take a glance at their handiwork.

Lyn’s eyes widened as she trailed her gaze down to the erection that greeted her. “Wow, you’ve got great genes.”

Craig grinned, “That’s not all that’s great about me.”

“I bet.” Lyn began, but let her words trail away as Craig began to lick along her upper thigh.

Craig smiled, Yeah, thought that would quiet you down for a minute. He lapped at the curls between her legs, and she opened to him. He nuzzled her legs to the side and then drove his face into the center of her. He dipped his tongue in between her lips, lapping at the sweetness.

He lifted up his head to catch her eyes again, “Oh baby, you needed this, didn’t you.”

She sighed and pressed her hand to his head, urging him to go back to his work. Craig lapped at her slit and her clitoris until Lyn began leaning into his tongue. Soon figuring out which strokes were pleasing her most, Craig began to concentrate on those. It didn’t take long until her legs started to tense and shake uncontrollable. Lyn was clutching his head closer to her and then she began to let out loud groans, bucking up off the bed. Craig kept licking until Lyn had calmed down somewhat, then slid up her body to kiss her, letting her taste herself on his tongue and lips.

Pulling away, “Just give me a minute. You totally blew my mind down there.”

Craig grinned, “I told you I had great talents.”

She closed her eyes and sighed happily, “I’d say so. I’m feeling quite drunk on it.”

Craig slid off to her side, holding her close to him and lightly stroking her body. He leaned down and took one of her plump nipples into his mouth and sucked gently. The longer he busied himself with her breasts, the more Lyn’s breathing began to quicken again. Soon he found her hand slinking down to his cock. He sighed against her chest as she stroked his erection back to its full glory.

Lyn pushed him flat on the bed and starting at his ear, began to give him a thorough tongue bath, spending most of her time and concentration on licking on his cock and balls. Multiple times, she brought him to the point of insanity, then would stop to brush her breasts against his crotch. She was driving him mad, sucking him down and then lightly teasing him with her tongue. Craig could barely contain himself, and was all too happy when she rose up above him, sinking her pussy down onto his cock. Craig grabbed hold of her hips, rocking them back and forth in time with their thrusts. Lyn leaned back on her arms, throwing her head back, mouth open, riding him in waves.

Not wanting to be that far from her, Craig pulled her down to his chest, sucking on her lips. He rolled her under him, pushing her legs up and back while he quickened his thrusts into her. When he felt her legs begin to shake, he began to piston faster into her, trying to hold his orgasm for the last second. He felt her muscles begin to spasm and Craig shot his load into her. Their cries filled the room.

Craig fell down beside her exhausted, pulling her to lie on his chest. He listened to their breathing calm and peppered her hair and head with kisses. Finally satisfied, his lack of sleep caught up with him. I’ll just close my eyes for a minute and then I’ll go into the other room. Just for a minute…

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