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Such a fool....

ok...so it seems all my freaking out in the last three days just might not be the returned of the dreaded depression funk, but may be instead the surging hormones that accompany a woman quite often in the month... In other words, I was just PMSing...*giggle* and to think I was sooooooooo convinced everything/everyone was out to get me.....well, I am still adamant about the fight with the boyfriend, but it put a smile on my face today when he got back info on the crappy school in my hometown and found out it's twice as expensive as the school he's going to. So, he doesn't want to go there, but he's still pissed off at his current school, and I don't blame him. I don't understand it. When I went through college and was instate, tuition was like 700-1000. The school that he goes too is $3000+ and the school he got information for was $7000 a semester...That's crazy! It's really not making me look forward to trying to go to grad school, especially since I have enough student loans right now to buy a freaking house!

I'm such a dork. I even got all pissed off at my There buddies last night because they were making fun of me, and I freaking stormed off calling them asses. Which they were being, but so was I. Ah well....guess I'll take some Advil and get over it.
Tags: rant, relationship

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