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The weekend was tiresome yet satisfying. I spent most of Friday and Saturday fighting with the computer, which I'm still not happy with. That's right, I'm pissed at my computer. I had Jason look at it on Sunday, and we've narrowed it down to (most likely) an issue with the motherboard, which may I remind you is only about 6 months old. grrrr. The damn computer has more bugs and quirks right now than anything. Friday and Saturday it slowed down dramatically, and I mean sloooooooooooooooowed down. And then the sound started having major issues. I was trying to finish my massive overhaul to the Craig site, so that I could update it this week and not have to go through the trouble that I have been having with the updates, but no such luck. I have four pages to finish before it's done. *sigh* But they should go pretty quickly as they are mostly cut and paste. I am planning on adding a guestbook *cringe* but I'm praying that it doesn't turn into insanity. We'll see. In the end, website not finished, and site that is up has not been updated with this week's guests. *sigh*

Had a pretty nice evening last night. Jason and I decided to go out. I was dying for some Indian food, so we hit my favorite restaurant, the Taj Palace. We were greeted at the door by my favorite cute little waiter, who had had a haircut too btw (looked nice, honestly). He seemed happy to see us, saying, "Oh yes, you're back! It's been a long time since we saw you." He made me do this little game of deciding where to sit and then when I chose this little table by the wall under the Taj Mahal, he said, "That's so exciting! Why did you choose this table?" I didn't really have an answer for him, but thought the whole thing was very cute, but a little weird. The waiter was super great last night. He came back and took our drink orders, getting all excited trying to convince Jason to get Indian beer, which he did. He was so happy we ordered the beer (not even on the menu, mind you). Then he told me that he wanted me to try a different appetizer, because he thought I'd really like it. So I ordered some momo (his suggestion), which were these awesome dumplings with the most amazing sauce. They were fantastic! He was once again superexcited that we liked it. I ordered the same thing I usually get to eat (chicken saag with garlic naan) and Jason ventured out and had the waiter help him choose a different lamp dish (ended up being Lamb Tikka). Everything was delicious. I told Jason that it's strange that I've been to that restaurant so much and almost always had the same waiter, yet had no clue what his name was. I think the next time I go, I'm totally going to ask. He seems to either really enjoy his job, or he really likes me. LOL. When we were getting ready to leave he came over and gave us this really strange speech about how he likes to see us happy and in peace. I asked Jason if we had fought the last time we were there (but we hadn't as that was when he proposed). So who knows?

We then went on our weekly excursion to Barnes and Noble, and though I found a "learn to speak Celtic" tape and book, both of us showed amazing restraint and did not buy anything (including anything from the Starbucks *gasp*). Jason wasn't feeling to well after that, so we came on home. But it was nice. And we didn't bicker, which is good considering we've been doing a lot of bickering lately.

Haven't done much of anything else this weekend and am back at work this morning fighting the good fight. I had another move in for this week already cancel, and one that I thought had dropped off the waiting list is now deciding which apartment she wants. So, so far so good.
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