February 20th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

Good news is always good to say....

You know, after my little rant the other day, I have to say my relationship with my long term boyfriend is in a really good place. Aside from the stress of his constant unemployment earlier last year, we have been struggling to stay together. But lately, whether its the release of all monetary pressures off my back, or the lessening of depression on both of us, I believe we've somehow come to a comfortable stage. And it's nice, so nice to be peacefully coexisting together. These are the moments that love and relationships are all worth it.
There's nothing better than staying in bed at night watching the old episodes of XFiles, cuddling in the morning while we both moan about having to get up, making dinner together, anticipating each others needs and already having the tea done, or the dishes washed. Its these times when I think, yes I will grow old with you, no matter what may come. The times when I think just how lucky am I to have this person to walk the path with me. *happy sigh*
I've often wondered if was possible to refall in love, go through that whole early stages of "new relationship" once you've been in it for awhile. I figure if people can suddenly fall out of love with their partner, could they not also go through stages where it is reaffirmed and made fresh again? Like a second chance to be in that perma-afterglow? Makes sense to me, and that's where I feel I'm at. Yes, there are still times when he makes me grit my teeth and go on, but those times haven't been as visible lately.
But then again, I could just be swayed by my positive outlook at the moment, but I think not. I don't think I'd trade this feeling for anything. And that's what is important, isn't it?