March 19th, 2004


Crazy? I was crazy once...they put me in a rubber room...

aw, need to get in here and write....I am tired of depression. I need to go and get on medicine again. When it starts affecting your job, and your boss and being evil and telling you that they want to take back the nomination they made on you being the "Manager of the Year". know there's a problem.....I am so tired of fighting this battle though. And stress. Does anybody really have a good handle on stress? If so, I wish I knew their secrets, because I don't see how it's done. I've tried yoga, meditation, laughter, etc. and those work in very short doses, but soon, I'm back into the hell of it all. I also wonder if it's even possible to get a handle on stress when you suffer constant depression. If so, I would venture that its probably terribly hard. And so, I pull out my newest icon, taken from one of my lovely Billy Boyd communities. I have issues....definitely.