April 6th, 2004

journies begin with the first step


I have a disease....it's called Livejournal...I must update it several times a day, and I must be always looking for new entries in the friends page when I'm not posting....It makes it incredible hard to do anything else....but I love it anyway.

in other news, I may possibly, maybe be preparing to meet billy boyd! *SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* i found out from msallegro's site that he will be appearing at a convention in ohio about 6 hours away from me....and as i know that the possibility of meeting him at one of these things is starting to come to an end, I am tossing around the idea of going. I even went so far as to broach the subject with the bf "Honey would you think i'm crazy or break up with me if I wanted to go to a convo in Ohio to meet Billy Boyd?" hehehe...and he hasn't said no to the idea yet! Wooooooooooohooooo! I think he's getting used to this strange fangirl(or fanwoman as I like to think of myself) obsession I have....For god's sake, I haven't felt like this over a star since high school....Billy just does funny things to me hehehe...or I wish he did.....shhhhhhhhh shut up ema!