April 30th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

aliens are attacking my computer!

well, i was right....viruses were found on the computer, but i'm unable to run a virus scan. Norton anti-virus is now f****'d up and it won't let me scan, or liveupdate, or do anything....freaky....i even broke down and called the it guy, I'm not sure if he was able to fix anything. It's probably the worst day for something to happen to the computer, being the end of the month closeout and all....oh well....we'll take it one baby step at a time....and i'm still feeling weird today....don't know what the hell has come over me...could be all the adrenaline I had coarsing through me to get through the trial has dropped off. I just feel sad, and tired, worn and used....dunno, just plan sucky really....and no new billy to cheer me up.....*sigh* i need something else beside him, that way I always have something to look forward to.
journies begin with the first step

Explanation of funk....in seven parts...

well, i've been thinking over lunch, still am really....thinking hard about things....i'm a complicated person, i've long realized, and there's usually a whole lot of shit behind something....so i analyzed, possible overanalyzed....here's the issues, put here mainly for my benefit, but if you want to hear, you can also read.

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journies begin with the first step

Lyrics to "Start Again"

"Start Again"

Peace has lost its meaning
now we've hit the ceiling
all is said and all is done
here goes start again

You're better than you think so
something I hold onto
I'm better too holding on to you
start again


(So meet me and we'll drive this car away
we can leave right now what do you say
we'll head out for the wide and open spaces
if we can clear the way)

Save yourself don't save me
save the one you may be
let it be the best that it can be
start again