May 10th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

a strange dream....

In my dream last night, I was rejected. Somehow that's always more disturbing to me than being rejected in real life, simply because my dreams should be all the things that I can't have in this world. So anyway, in my dream, I'm at my parent's house in the knobs, and for some reason, I'm hanging out with all these famous people, but I'm not famous myself....
So everything's real weird and tense, Billy Boyd is there. And in my dream, we had dated at some point, because I keep referring to him as my ex....But all through the dream, I'm trying to get back together with him, because I still am in love with him....Well, things are seeming to go well, we have all these stolen moments, but then at one point, he's in this huge freaking truck on my mother's porch (eh? dunno) and is sitting in the drivers seat with this other woman and this little boy. And he's telling me that he's just so lonely, that he doesn't even feel that he has the friends that he needs, but then he met this other woman and has this child (adopted I think) and now he feels great, but so sorry, he doesn't want to see me again.....
and no matter how much I plead or beg, Billy wouldn't even talk to I spent the rest of the dream trying to get him strange....
journies begin with the first step

that's what i'm talking about *giggle*

Your Hobbit Encounter
Real name
Hobbit Billy allnightBoyd
Location Mt.Everest
How it goes down: You fell asleep only to be woken up by OMG! It's late and you need a ride home, and being the sweet guy that he is, he drives to up to his place. When you ask why? He insists he wants to show you Bob. You ask who Bob is. He says it's his 8inch penis. You and him dissapear for a week.
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