May 29th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

snagged this from devvie

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Susan is an unsung hero, an undiscovered genius...and an unknown quantity. It is because Susan is such an unknown quantity that her heroism goes unsung and her genius undiscovered. Some people will blow their own trumpets from the highest hill even when those trumpets are battered and badly out of tune. Susan is rather the opposite. No matter how bright the light inside her shines, she will always find a bushel big enough to hide it under. Susan wants to be thought of as stable, steady and solid. She tries her best to do what the world expects of her, she wants to be a trooper - a loyal, reliable, down-to-earth kind of character. In the attempt to give this impression Susan strives to be modest, restrained and realistic. She almost succeeds. Through diligent effort Susan manages to persuade himself and the rest of the watching world that she is a known quantity. At best she will allow himself to be known for her talent in one particular area or for her courage with regard to one particular topic. The trouble is Susan is a Capricorn and Capricorns, despite all that some astrologers say, are always unknown quantities.
Deep down inside Susan yearns to be wild and crazy, footloose and fancy-free. She wants to break the rules, question convention and court controversy. Only one thing stops her - a little voice in the back of her head that says "Excuse me, who do you think you are? That's not the kind of activity that Susan can get away with." If you want to be a true friend to Susan you must encourage her to ignore that voice. She will love you for it and she won't need much encouraging. Susan was born to be brilliant. She was destined to be daring. One day she will realise this and then...the world had better look out.