June 3rd, 2004

journies begin with the first step

filth and waste


well, I'm having to pull out the bitch in my personality today. I'm going off on Office Depot, going off on tenants, going off on my landlord.....who else shall feel the wrath and the frustration that is ema? But i must say every single party has deserved it....Office Depot refuses to give me a response on why I still haven't received my order and why they haven't responded to my queries, which basically means because of their incompetance I am unable to perform my job. I have little to no freaking ink in my printer. How the hell am I supposed to send out reports, letters, etc without ink? .....my new tenants deserve it because they refuse to get their electricity cut on, the only damn thing that they have to take care of, which means that we are having to pay for their electrical service. nuh uh, not gonna happen....and worst of all, my freaking landlord, who refuses to answer his phone messages. I've been trying to call him for the last week about our drain situation. Jason and I come home last night to find 6 inches of raw sewage in our bathtub, sinks, and toilet. This morning, the water has gone down in the tub, but we can't flush the toilet. So, horrors of all horrors, I had to use the bathroom in a most inappropriate way. We haven't been able to take a decent shower in over two weeks, we can't wash clothes, we can't wash dishes, we can't freaking flush.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! So I tracked that bastard down this morning and laid it out for him. I told him, we can't continue to live this way. You can't just fix our neighbor's side of the duplex and expect it to affect ours, and you better pull in someone to take care of this shit, pronto! I swear, right after that, I get a call from the landlord's wife, getting all bitchy and saying that she hasn't even heard about this before. I'm like, yeah, no shit, because you won't return my calls and you're never fucking home! Then she tries to be all huffy and say that the problem is that we are never home so they have no way of getting in to work on it. I'm like, you have my work number and my cell number, if you call me, I'll fucking leave work and meet you at the house. I will not continue on with this problem....if it continues and I continue to get the freaking run around by the landlord, the following will occur:
1. Report the problem to the health department
2. Withhold rent and place the money in escrow.
3. Move out, and force the bastard to return our freaking deposit.

Ema has had enough of shit....literally.
journies begin with the first step

in other news

i received my long awaited packages of all three LOTR dvds yesterday (the theatrical versions, already had the extended) and may I just say that even though I haven't had time to watch them yet, they are just lurvley. it was crazy to get this excited about something, but i am....
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