June 8th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

the return of stress

argh! okay, today's not been a bad day, just a busy one....course it would have helped if I had not decided to take my two hours extra in sleep this morning, even though it was allowable. So I get to work at 10, work my little butt off, then go to lunch to find several things:
1. the boyfriend did not get up and buy groceries, so lunch was reduced to a solitary can of ravioli (yech)
2. I had forgotten that we are supposed to pick up the child today, making the possibility of a ruined long evening very likely (including having to see the most trifling bitch in the whole world)
3. the boyfriend informs me that a tire on our other car is almost completely bald, and we don't have any money to get one until Friday unless we forgoe the groceries unless I bounce a check and play the whole bank deposit game (not a pleasant idea)

so back to work, with the little furrow beginning in my brow, and the back pain and headache begin their dull throbbing....*sigh*....

on top of that, I was really really hoping to get in the editing of the next part of Those Summer Nights tonight as well as adding another page....but nooooooooooo , doesn't look like I'll be able to....*sigh*....and damn it! I had a great sex scene planned!....grrrr....