June 15th, 2004

journies begin with the first step


I had a horrible dream last night....

I was definitely me this time, same body, same house, same situations...only I was working in the woods somewhere picking up trash. I began to cramp up, feel very sick, so sick that I went to the hospital. When I got to the hospital they told me that I was a few months pregnant, and that I was actually going into labor. I gave birth to a premature little girl. She weighed 2 lbs. I was distraught. They told me that there was no way that she would be able to survive, but I carried a fool's hope. I dreamed about haunted houses and elaborate puzzles to solve, and when I woke up, my child had died. My father was there, trying to keep it all together, trying to make jokes to make me feel better, as was always our way. Nothing helped. A nurse came in and told me that I was lucky, that a premature boy had been born and he hadn't gained any weight while he lived, my child on the other hand went from 2 lbs to 3 lbs in the few days that she survived. Let's just say, I didn't feel lucky.

a very strange dream to wake from, heartaching actually.

something is drawing strange bugs to our laundry room. This morning there was a leaf bug, which I haven't seen in years, and a strange scarab like beetle (not the normal June bugs I have been seeing, and it doesn't look like a Japanese Beetle either {too big})...strange happenings in Glasgow, indeed
journies begin with the first step

yesterday was a good day...

I felt good about myself yesterday....I did some work, played a bit, then I had a wonderful idea. I went and kidnapped Catherine, and we had some salads, then took a gander to a short drive. I finally went down a road that I've wanted to explore for 2 years, Catherine laughed when I told her that. It was inconceivable to her that I hadn't already gone down it, if I'd wanted to see what was down it for that long. We went to a graveyard down the road from my house. It was sad, many tombstones knocked over and broken. Most overgrown and unkept. I strolled along, reading stones, picking up arrangements and straightening them out. We read one weird epatath about making your grave while you are living. Then I went home, cuddled up with Jason, we got crazy and decided to convert Austin's old frog tank into a fish tank. So we went out and got gravel, river stones, some sparkly blue stuff (for me), thermometers, filters and a light hood. We set up the tank, I plant the bulbs for the water plants, and we set about stress coating it. We're supposed to buy some cheap goldfish tomorrow to establish the tank. I'll try and hold myself back and not name this first batch, as I'm sure they will soon die.

Overall, I felt good.....I am tired of my own voice though....tired of hearing myself bitch....so I will restrain from any of that as much as possible in the future. I will be action girl, not all talk. I will do what I have to in order to make myself feel good. I will do what I've always done for others, but if it ceases to stop making me feel good, then I will stop. That makes no sense to anyone but me, but that is alright. I will be action girl. I will change. I will do and not speak it. I will...you'll see. You will all see. One of these days, you will all look at me and say, "See, she did exactly what she said she would." There will be none of that, "She had such potential." It will only be success, damn it....SUCCESS!
journies begin with the first step

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journies begin with the first step

Those Summer Nights, Part 6

I know, I know, I've been slacking...and most people probably won't like this next part as it's just exposition, but bare with, dez shit is about to hit the fan....

TITLE: Those Summer Nights
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17 (earlier/later)
SUMMARY: back home in kentucky, words of advice, a return of the bracelets
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: special thanks to Billy and Dom, and to the muse for keep hitting. This story is a continuation of Trial and Error which can be found in emaleythe's memories (including the first 5 parts of Those Summer Nights)

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