June 16th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

Performance appraissal

much better dream last night...curled up in Billy's arms...ahhhhh....*giggle* actually I'm joking, there was no curling in Billy's arms, but it was a nice restful dream......got my performance evaluation back from my boss, and I'm a little peeved. It was a good evaluation, but...well, there's this 5 page section where you are rated from "Requires Immediate Improvement" all the way to "Definite Strength". And despite all the past years where it was 80% "definite strength" and 20% "meets job requirement"...This time she made it 58% "meets job requirements" 42% "Definite strenght". Now what's up with that? Am I not doing all I can? Did I not win Manager of the Year? Oh well, that'll teach me to rate her well on her evaluation :p.

and off to work....Move in scheduled to be here in 2 mins. That will put us at 3 empties (having had one moveout this week). Hopefully by next week I'll just have 1.
journies begin with the first step

Happy Birthday!

a little birdy told me that today is pammy's b-day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY devvie!
(in my best Marilyn Monroe impression)

Happy Birth-day toooo you.
Happy Birth-day tooo you.
Happy Birth-day Ms. Pres-i-dent.
Happy Birth-day toooo you.