June 21st, 2004

journies begin with the first step

good day

I can honestly say "it's a good day" so far....i'm sleepy, but feel mostly rested. There weren't lines of people waiting to see me when I got here. There were problems on property but they aren't stressing me out. I had peanut M&M's for breakfast. I've done some work, and plan on doing a little more (lol!). I am going to have lunch waiting on me when I get home :). Crystal posted another delicious picture of Dom....*sigh* good good....So how is everyone else?
journies begin with the first step

Continuing the gacking....stranded island quiz

You are stranded on a tropical island, you can only choose to have one thing out of each category.

1. A movie – Dead Poets Society ( I never get tired of watching it)
2. A CD – I'd most likely make my own filled with a little of everything, but if I had to bring a "real" cd, I'd probably bring my Rent soundtrack, cause it's Broadway, alternative awesomeness
3. A book – Lord of The Rings, cause you can never read it too much
4. A main meal – Pizza, cause it's wonderful
5. A fruit – Pomegranite
6. A drink - Mocha Frappucino
7. A dessert – Chocolate Cheesecake
8. A junky snack – hmmm....how about sour cream and onions Pringles
9. A friend – Catherine, because you need people of intelligence on this sort of mission....quest...thing
journies begin with the first step

Those Summer Nights part 7

TITLE: Those Summer Nights
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17
SUMMARY: the premiere, the party, the fall
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: special thanks to Billy and Dom, and to the muse for keep hitting. This story is a continuation of Trial and Error which can be found in emaleythe's memories (including the first 6 parts of Those Summer Nights)

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