August 9th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

yay for shopaholics!

went on a mucho mucho shopping spree this weekend. it feels good to get back some of what you put out. Of my best purchases, I will have to say that overall I have enjoyed 5 things very much.
1. New brown scarf, excellent choice always. This one is a faux suede, very thin, nice and long for the multiple wrapping and knotting and has great little designs punched out. Bargain: only $1!
2. New cd bought on a whim that turned out excellent, Katie Melua Call Off the Search. Supposedly it was very popular in the Uk, but I hadn't heard of it, but I was in Target, heard this siren's voice calling me and singing a song about being crazy, and I was like "MUST BUY"....and so I did...also a good bargain at $13.00.
3. Finally found a leather wrist cuff that I lurved and purchased. This one isn't black like I thought I wanted but a nice brown/grey/'s got a bucket, about an 1 1/2 inches wide and has these nice crisscosses in matching leather...Very punk, very kickass, makes me want to beat someone down :D...not too expensive, but more than I would have liked.
4. SFX!!!! Ah, yeah baby! I bought another copy at Barnes and Noble, and since my other one I ordered hasn't arrived yet, I walked around the store stroking the cover. I read it from cover to cover last night and hot damn! that's a good magazine...and learned yet another thing that Billy loves, the music of Neil Finn....who I don't know, so will have to figure that one out. Loving the, Alex, when my other one comes in expect a little pressy in the mail ;)
5. In Barnes and Noble, stroking the mag lovingly, when the boyfriend points out another find, and I freak out and buy it immediately!!! Can't tell you much about it yet, other than it's gorgeous, it's hobbity, and it was only $4.00....TEH LOVE!....

so, back to cussing my lazy self from last week and kicking my ass hard.....