August 10th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

don't ya hate it when...

a fellow manager, knowing how important keeping appointments are, fails to keep her phone appointment with you? and then I call, and leave a message, and then I call, and reach her and she says "I'll call back in just a minute"....take 37 mins later and I'm still waiting, afraid of starting anything else lest I get too deeply involved to stop....*sigh* stupid wanker...rumble rumble rumble....

I'm going to burn up this cd before too long, Katie Melua is so good. It's like a mix between Nora Jones and Mila Jovonich...quite intriguing and surprisingly good considering her age....

well....I uh...spent the night doing photoshop, completed two pictures (both containing my current obsession of using a textured old paper effect), revamped my lj background and colors (but need to seriously start thinking about switching to a different style), and started trying to teach myself airbrushing techniques....let me just say, I have to be doing something wrong because this stuff is sooooooooo tedious and it's ending up looking like a cartoon rather than pretty....may have to try something different tonight....
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journies begin with the first step

Como se eh?

That was the weirdest experience in my life...I went to the Ford dealership to pick up a part that my bf had ordered for Further. I go in, wait FOR EVER while the one and only clerk is on the phone making strange faces. I was *rolling eyes* and checking my watch. Then finally he comes back and makes this sound like "Err?" and looks at me expectantly. So I tell him I'm here to pick up a part for JJ and think well that's weird. Then he turns to the UPS guy coming in and I swear, he said, "Bder der up bdamn" and the other guy understood him. At this point my jaw drops, I'm thinking there is no way that someone actually sounds like Boomhower off of King of the Hill, but no, here's evidence. Well, I have no freaking clue what the hell he just said, and am tripping on that. He brings the part back, opens up the box, saying "Smee" and then takes out the part, pushes it towards me and say "Ptu". I said "Thank you very much" and got the hell out of there. A few more minutes and I swear Dale would have come in....crazy.
journies begin with the first step

Vote for!

found on Billy's site:

" Nomination are delighted to announce that this website has been nominated in the Best Official Actors category in the 1st annual Movie Sites Awards.

Billy said, "I'm delighted that the hard work and time spent on the website has been recognised in this way by Not only that but I'm immensely flattered and humbled that those people that the website was created for, the fans, have been voting in their support of the site. It really means a great deal to me. Thank you for this nomination, for the support and champagne all round!!!".

Voting closes 10th September. Cast your vote at the website."

I just went and voted and Billy's site is barely in the lead. Go Vote! (also up for vote is of course which isn't doing too well right now :( )
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journies begin with the first step

Yay! I'm done

okay, I whined about airbrushing before, and now I'm really gonna whine...I've been working on this picture for the last 6 hours, and just finished. I did try some different techniques with the painting (namely, smudge and opacity my new best friends) and I think it turned out pretty good...maybe not gorgeous, but still ok....I don't need to say it, but I doubt very seriously that I will try one of these again for a looooooooong, enjoy....
oh, and before you ask, yes I did paint every single hair on his head...tedious work I tell you....besides that fact, I hate Billy's fingers in this picture, near the end I was ready to break them :D

and to compare to the original, check the cut...
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