August 13th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

"Floral hug"

Can you see it? I mean that big glaring smile on my face, can you see it?

How about now? hehehe, my beautiful wonderful friend Catherine just sent me flowers....I am soooo enveloped in a "floral hug"....Thank you thank you thank you, Ms. Catherine....You honestly made my day, and redeemed this week. And now I shall smell these pretty flowers and look forward to the Olympics tonight....Woohoo! Go everyone!
journies begin with the first step

You freaks!

The Scary Truth About Your Friends (eddie izzard style) by Mellifera
Wants a "cup of coffee"zaftigvegan
Hides their makeup in a treewiddershin
Vegetarian painter_iconsofdoom
Was on the moon with Stevemothface
Poked a badger with a spoonmultimedia_r_us
Puts babies on spikesdanu_2u
Can run about in heels and not fall overdanu2u
Under house arresttomboyfag
Carries a brick in their handbagjupitergirl
Never played Risk as a kidfwootamala
Ich bin ein Berlinner_bonsai_d_
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