August 20th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

It's 2:00, do you know what work is?

I'm getting my hair cut and dyed tomorrow...wheeeee! another 70 bucks down the drain, or to give me cancer, I haven't decided.

Done not one stitch of work today...I mean it, I've not responded to emails, worked on paperwork, filed anything...the closest I came was opening the mail...hehehe, I'm a rotten ebaying s.o.b. Yay me!

The bf bought a new car today (woot!), which means Further is now to be set to peace, and in replacement we now have a '95 Chrysler LaBaron Convertible. aren't we fancy (*shakes head* nope)...but oh well...I'll update you on what I decide to name it later ;)
journies begin with the first step

Sometimes I hate being in America just confirmed that Billy has been signed to go to Collectormania 6:

Billy will be attending C6 this October.

More details can be found at the Collectormania 6.

Have fun!"

sons of bitches, they know that I'll never make it there....*sigh* I'm beginning to hate Billy's scheduling plans.
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