August 25th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

Love and Hate Duel

I love launchcast so much! *huggles launchcast to her ample bosum* What would I do at work without the constant stream of my favorite hand picked music? I would die, absolutely die...even though everyone makes fun of my music (frankly, I don't understand or care)...yesterday the exterminator came in during one of my Katie Melua music fests and said it was time to bring the flowers and the postroast. I raised an eyebrow and asked why, he said because it sounds like a funeral in here...*rolling eyes* some people just can't stand eclectic music tastes!

now for the hatefest...I hate my personal info and HAVE TO change in on lj...I also HATE my page sooooooooo much...I guess I'd better go home and hurry up and reformat the computer again...since i screwed it all up already with a botched it's photoshop time, oh yeah!
journies begin with the first step

Phone Post: Windows woes

332K 1:29
“Is there anything more annoying than trying to reformat your computer and having to read the CRAP that the windows xp people put on here while you're waiting about all the new features of windows xp. And you're sitting here, waiting for your installation to complete, and you're going, "<i>I know this already, I've been using Windows XP for two years! Can you shut up already?</i>" And I swear,just putting all that crap all the screen, I'm betting you anything it adds an extra 10 mins to your installation time, which is simply not acceptable. And the worst part is, on every single fricking screen,it has to talk about how <i>easy</i> it is to do this, and how <i>easy</i> it is to do that. I'm like, if it's so damn easy then why am I having to sit here while you slave away trying to find my drivers? And why after you're done with your installation am I gonna have to go search out the printer disk so that I can load the software because you never find it once I do a reboot? It's ridiculous! I hate the "easy" thing. Like, if they could use one other synonym for the word easy, instead of just easy over and over and over. It's always "faster", "more fun", "easier" and it's STUPID! I don't want the computer to be easier, I just want it to work! Is that too much to ask?”

Transcribed by: emaleythe