August 30th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

can't sleep again on night two of the saga...

can't sleep, decided to talk about the weekend...

mostly the weekend was spent doing the normal stuff, renting movies, light shopping, an outside excursion, not in that order...

had the child this weekend, and having made plans to take him to the big local attraction "Dinosaur World", we settled ourselves in for a long hot day. We arrived on Saturday just a bit before noon, forked over the $30, and started with a walk through the musuem. They had these huge placards of questions with the answers below them, which I utilized by asking Austin the questions to slow him down enough that I didn't feel like we were making a marathon through the musuem. It helped some, and I was actually able to read the information about each displayed piece or fossil (yes, I am one of THOSE nerds). I also learned an important thing, Austin is waaaaaaay smarter than i even thought, as he was able to answer almost every single question on dinosaurs, including some tough stuff. What a kid :). Jason had talked me into bringing the digital camera and I swear he took over 100 pics (to be sure, I'm not posting all of them on here lol). Then Austin got to do this cute little fossil dig in some sand, we all had to take pictures with our head sticking out of a dino's mouth :D and we then proceed to walk over a mile on the hottest day to date lol...way hot and sweaty an hour later we meandered through the gift shop and left for more air conditioned pastures.

We decided to rent movies for the night and ended up with some ok choices. We decided on Hildalgo, The Order, and Mystic River. Austin informed us that if he had a horse, he would name it "Hot Rod: Flame of Death" and that he would ride it everywhere. That of course had us in tears with his description, which would have been enough if he hadn't carried it to the next level. He then told us that he's going to name his first born son the same thing. I told them that I could see it now in school, the teacher would be reading roll in the Charlie Brown nasal voice, "Hot Rod Flame of Death? Do you prefer Hot or Rod?"....we dissolved into a pool of giggles.

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And so....last but not least, I finally bought the 3rd Harry Potter book, the only one that I didn't own (although I of course had read it) the collection is complete....

good night all...get some sleep.
journies begin with the first step

Is it 5 o'clock yet?

*blink blink* *looks around* Is it possible that everything is silent now? That no one is calling or at the window? *sigh* long day peoples, looooooooooong day...I agree with MsJoplin, can someone please kill my job? Ah, Mondays, the acid soaked suck of life!

In other news, a couple weeks back I heard a fabulous suggestion from a fellow apartment manager. She says that she goes home every night and writes a journal about what happened at work, what she said to people, what the tenants (*cough* I mean residents) told her or did. This way if anyone ever tries to pull a discrimination suit, or claims one thing, you will have a handy little documented reference. The key to this job, and probably any government job is "documentation". In fact, it's required. So today, of all days, I began it. I made a private journal just for documenting...and surprise surprise! It filled up over a page....crazyness. But still a great idea. Think I'll try it for awhile, see how it turns out....because after all...everyone must cover their own ass, yes my precious, tis true.

I miss my Catherine...gonna have to visit with her for a longer while this week...I need to be lifted by her lovliness.....