September 4th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

Airbrushed Viggo

Finally finished up the airbrush of Viggo (*ahem* attention Ms. widdershin) It was a rough pic for me, and it's impossible to get every nook, cranny, and my pic turned out a little slicker and prettier, but hopefully you can still tell it's Vig.

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journies begin with the first step

The One Where Dom and I Meet....gacked from everyone

Dom Monaghan Love! by sblomlvrgrl
Your Name
SECOND favorite color
Title of the song stuck in your head:
You will meet him:When he comes to town to film a movie.
He will say:" Damn. No wait-Yes,Damn."
You will say:" You know what? I think...Let's dance!!"
He will look like:
Afterward you will:Have breakfast together every morningand make each other laugh until you guys have the whole diner looking at you funny and tears running down your faces, clutching the table for balance.
You guys will hang-out:In a new movie you guys are making together.
Worst part:He keeps poking you. That ain't too bad.
Best part:He wants you to kiss Billy to see what you two look like.
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hehehe, and the worst part should be that I would kiss Billy, just for Dom though of course ;)
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