September 24th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

"Nice to meet you stranger!": A Sim's memory

well it was bound to happen sometime, and last night was the time. Last night on the Sims, Billy Boyd met Susan Clark, in an arcade none the less. I swear, my heart jumped into my throat as if it were really happening...hehehe...They laughed, they chatted, Billy had Susan in stitches from jokes, They liked each other so well, but everytime Billy tried to give her a friendly hug, Susan would say, "No, no, now's not the time"....only later did I realize that Billy stank like hell :D....The same night, Billy invited Susan over for dinner (after the needed shower of course). And though Susan did not stay all that long, she has quickly become Billy's best friend, finally pushing all thoughts of the evil Tatiana out of his mind...Now all Billy can think of is marriage and babies, a fact that Susan is still not ready for, as she won't even let him hug her still. I'm going to have to slap Ms. Susan around a bit. YOU DON'T REFUSE TO HUG BILLY 5 TIMES! YOU DON'T EVEN REFUSE TO HUG HIM 1 TIME! IT'S BILLY BOYD FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

ah well, being the photographer for the evening, I took tons of pictures of their first meeting (like the proud parent that I was :D) and a few of their date, and as soon as I can get the damn love going on I'll post some pictures....Once again, I repeat, Billy is all for the Susan, but Susan is acting like a freak in not loving the Billy....Will have to slap her around a little :).....
journies begin with the first step

The Phantom....

Attention: For anyone else out there that did not already know (nudge nudge Mom), THIS is what we have to look forward to in December.

See the Trailer here.

it's strange....10 years ago in December I saw The Phantom for the first time on stage, although I had been in love with the music and the story for 5 years at that point. I remember knowing that my parents had gotten tickets for themselves and a friend to see it in Louisville, KY and I was so mad because I felt that I loved it more than they did. I don't know how they did it, but my parents got wind of my dissent and managed to snag another ticket for me, which although was apart from where they were sitting still made me the happiest girl in the world. I was a senior in highschool. I put on my best dress at the time and some heels, feeling very grown up. We had a dinner at the theater, and I got to drink wine for the first time ever....and I drank too much wine so that during the first act I was rather tipsy and light-headed. My parents sat up in the balcony seats, and I was down on the floor, in towards the middle. Although I was drunkish and squished between some super huge people, I just smiled like an idiot caught up in the magic of it all. The play was perfect...I danced and sang to the music for weeks after. I stole the tape my mother had of the original cast and lay in my bed every night with headphones blasted and mimiced the scenes....The person who played the phantom was (I could never forget) was Franc D'Ambrosio (who incidentally also played Anthony Corleone in The Godfather, Part III). Two years later in October, I was in San Francisco with an Honors Conference and as a special treat, they took us to see The Phantom. Franc played the phantom that night as well, and I remember being so damn excited about it......and now, full circle, Ten years from the month of my first seeing it, and within a few days of my 28th birthday, I will get to see it finally hit the big screen.....:D so happy...:)
journies begin with the first step


it's always like this on's after 4, the maintenance man has gone home and I sit in my chair staring blankly at a computer screen hoping it's time to go it time yet? about now? nope....*sigh* I just want to go home and play some sims...must make the sims happy....argh!

and isn't it strange how when a coworker leaves a job, or you leave a job people are always saying, "Keep in touch!" or "Call me and let me know how you're doing!" and you always say, "sure", "of course", or "I'll try". But you never mean to keep that why say that in the first place?....