October 4th, 2004

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well the weekend was nice, and not nearly long enough. Friday night was Sims 2 night, followed by hysterical friend counseling, of which, I was much better at Sims than counseling. Saturday was spent with Mom and partially with Catherine watching Angels in America, the HBO series. It was beyond words. I expected it to be good, but thatgood? No, definitely not....but it was. Very funny and sweet, and fabulous, even had some guy making out scenes to fulfill my slashyness.

Collapse )....anyhoo...Sunday, I went to Bowling Green with my boyfriend. We bought a new soundcard (woot) which will hopefully make all the Sims 2 features work now as well as let him play the new Star Wars game. We ate Mexican, and saw I, Robot, which surprised me as well. It was great, and not at all what I expected in the story. Took danu_2u and her son to the hospital last night due to a high fever. Thankfully everything came out ok....managed to have to run to the bathroom every 30 mins...

still believe I'm pregnant...I mean come on! Yes, boobs swell for periods, but mine have never swelled for a week in advance! *does happy dance* I really really want this to be true. And if by the end of the week, no period has arrived? It's testing time again...and I swear, if negative again...I'm trudging my happy ass to the doctor. There will be answers, damn it!