November 4th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall....all you've got to do is call...and I'll Be There

On October 30, 2001, I was working as a customer support person for Verizon wireless. America was still reeling from Sept. 11th, and cellphone centers were slammed daily from problems stemming from our largest cell tower being taken out by the fall of the twin towers. I was still suffering from extreme post traumatic stress syndrome from my abduction eight months earlier, and was trying to pick up the pieces of life again. I was scared of everyone and everything, and felt like a numb zombie walking through life. On that day, one of my coworkers came to my cubicle, hunched down and asked me out on a date. I was shocked, surprised, flattered, freaked, and scared but I said yes anyway. He took my phone numbers, I stupidly didn't ask for his, and we made plans to go out the next day (on Halloween) for a picnic with his son. Flying high on this proposal, I finished work and started the drive home that night, smoking a joint (yes I was a pot head then) and singing along to the radio. My car was not as happy as I, and decided that in the middle of joint smoking, it would blow it's engine up, which it did...and I was stranded on the interstate for three hours. Without anyway of calling my date, I stood him up. Two days later I was back at work, and watched my coworker go through the motions of swallowing pride long enough to ask me why I didn't show. I explained about the car, and begged for a raincheck. The next day, he asked me out again, and made plans to pick me up from work on Nov. 4th. The night of, he showed up at my cubicle, acting all shy and cute. I got off work, we walked to his car, he was all nervous and wouldn't stop talking but I was scared and nervous and couldn't talk. We went the the Waffle House (haha) and I had coffee while he dessimated some waffles. It was short but sweet because he had to go to work in a hour. On the drive back to work, so that I could drive my friend's car home (was staying with her so that I could get back and forth to work), he reached over and held my hand, and got teary listening to "Suicide is Painless" (should have been my first clue to run fast away). We arrived at the parking lot to find a woman waiting on him. Apparently she was some stalker girl that he knew. He got her to leave, and he walked me to the car. He was making the shuffling motions of wanting to give me a kiss, but I soooooooo wasn't ready for that, so I ran defense and gave him a hug instead. Let me tell you, I squeed and glowed all the way to my friend's house. After that day, every break, every free moment we were calling each other, meeting up. We had lockers at work that we put our personal stuff in while working at the cubicles. He and I shared a locker, and we would leave each other long love notes and little presents. It was soooooooo sweet. And since then, we are still together, no longer customer service agents, but as of today, 3 years long lovers, friends, and partners.

Today I will remember all the sweet lovely things that Jason and I have shared. I will remember that he saved me from the darkness inside myself, I will remember that he made me realize how important risks are, and how important a companion is. I love Jason, and today I will celebrate the reasons why. Happy anniversary to us!
journies begin with the first step

Obsession alert.

we interrupt your regularly scheduled reading for this important alert: Lj perusing is fast being displaced by my Lost message board readings. The little people in the brain have refused to comment, but sources say that a new obsession is on the horizon that does not contain LOTR. More at 10!
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