November 12th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

Zombie Sinus infection...

well, still feeling poopy, I went to the doctor yesterday and discovered many things. #1-I've lost another 6 pounds (go me!) and am now down to 221 lbs (yes I know I don't look that big, but tis sad and true) #2-I had a fever of 101 degrees #3-the machine operated blood pressure thingy scared the hell out of me and said I was 141/110, a completely out of character pressure for me. So I had the nurse do it manually and it was a more normal 138/80. #4-I have a lot of fluid build up in my left ear, which means that I can expect that ear drum to explode within the next couple of years (woot, as I went through the bs last year with the right ear) #5-My throat was swollen to the point of almost closing up #6-I have a raging sinus infection on top of the teeth problems

darn. So they gave me a shot (first time I ever had to get a shot for a sinus infection) and sent me on my groggy way to purchase $60 in medications. Ouch for the poor pocketbook. So I went home and laid around like a zombie, then finished the logo for the lady's website, and then laid around like a zombie again. In other words....blah.

And for only the 2nd time all week, I am now at work, but feeling very....hmmm zombie-esque, with a head that feels like an inflated balloon that weighs 20

making my self happy with my brand spanking new Sawyer mood theme created by the lovely teh_indy. Like it, love it, want it for yourself? Follow the link. I'm assuming that other Lost character moodthemes are made or are being made as well....