December 9th, 2004

journies begin with the first step

Personality argument

ema has been put on official notice by Susan....There will not be any days off from now until the KHC inspection....That is all.

but ema says, "unless there's a snow day :D....then Susan can just shut the hell up."

Ema would also like to say that she's greatly disappointed in Susan's lack of Fuselage scrolling today, and plans on kicking Susan's ass right after she washes dishes tonight...
journies begin with the first step

ok....this is just eery

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:emaleythe
Your haiku:to hide from it all
this last week and a half though
i'm sure my friend chris
Created by Grahame

so eery....been sorta hiding out...missed out talking with my friend Chris a lot and had him accuse me of trying to extract him from my life....eery
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