January 25th, 2005

journies begin with the first step

oh no *headsmack*

woke up to find this waiting in my email So much for the small shred of hope that the pod person was gone (aka The Return of Ali)

Edit: Upon further consideration, I would like to say that if Ali is going to stay, that at least she makes him happy, which is by and large a great feat for anyone. I am happy that he's happy, and don't wish ill in his life. He's a wonderful man, and deserves every success and love that comes to him. Forgive if I get a little green with jealousy however.

And in addition, I truly cried when I read the article. I have never heard him talk during an interview with more emotion or depth about his parents. That was very touching.
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journies begin with the first step

WTF moment

another WTF? moment

just received a call, which according to the caller id was from "Santalian Inc" with a California number. Conversation went exactly like this:

Me: __________ Apartments!

Them: Yes, I'm calling about the account with A. B. Dick *giggle* *click*

(dial-tone begins)

My question is why the hell would someone crank call all the way from California? Idiots.
journies begin with the first step

Tomorrow's menu....

last post today, i promise.....maybe......

I would just like to announce that I finished grocery shopping and it looks like tomorrow night, my_seasons and I are going to feast like the super sexy Roman Goddesses that we are while watching Lost Alias. Menu is below:

1st course) Chilled Spring Green Salad splashed with raspberry vinagrette
2nd course) Homemade Italian Herb and Cheese Foccacia Bread Sandwiches
stuffed with: smoked honey turkey
Ricotta Cheese
Grilled mushrooms
Alfalfa sprouts (optional)
fresh cilantro and chives
roasted red onion
roasted green and red peppers
sliced tomato
Stacked high, and served warm.
3rd course) Pomegranite (that's right biz-atches, I said Pomegranite)
and/or Chocalate and almonds bites

mmmm mmmm good.....shall be a feast, I tell you! Anyone else want to come? (How I wish y'all could)